Wulf and Batsy Review by Keith at HCR (Horror Comics Review)

I'm a Wulf & Batsy fan. That being said, I probably would not have ever bought a Wulf & Batsy book off the rack, or even gave one a cursory glance at a Con or LCS, because I just never cared too much for horror comics with a "cartoony" style of art. I generally find the style opposed to the mood of the genre. I'm traditionally a "heavy inks" guy ala Ghastly & Wrightson when it comes to horror. Thankfully, creator Bryan Baugh was persistant in sending me material for review, and I've found I've turned a new leaf in horror art appreciation. Like I said, I'm a Wulf & Batsy fan.

This is the third offering from Viper Comics, and it begins a new story arc entitled "Bizarre Experiments." The cover is graced with an almost risque piece by Josh Howard, who has garnered quite a following of late. Inside, it is all Bryan Baugh. This guy's stuff has really grown on me; it has taken me back in time and I feel like a kid watching a new episode of "Groovie Goolies" when I peel back the cover. Baugh has hit an ecstatic mix of horror, humor, adventure, and detail that I don't think you can find in any other book.

Bryan's artwork, anchored in his animation roots, is a pleasure to view in b&w because he knows how to invoke horror-mood through clever combinations of my beloved heavy inks as well as intricate line work. While the plot itself could be considered straight horror, a plethora of "Easter Egg" inside/hidden jokes certainly puts a distinctive humorous edge to his Baugh's efforts. I caught myself laughing out on more than one instance.

Anyway, a short synopsis for this one is that W&B are fleeing from the massacre that took place in the first two books, and are now in need of a place to rest. They run across an old cemetery, which of course seems a logical spot for the couple. However, things are never easy for the pair, and as the plot unfolds we are introduced to a myriad of the walking undead, and a mysterious old house on a hill apparently occupied by a mad scientist. That's it, I go no further into detail. You should do yourself a favor and pick up an issue. Myself, I can't wait to sink my teeth into issue 4, which is on my desk waiting.... whoops, no it isn't! I'm looking at Bryan's sketch book called Crypt Logic. Looks like I will have to wait on #4, uurrggggghhh!!

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