Comic Monsters Reviews Wulf and Batsy #4

Wulf and Batsy #4

Writer and Art: Bryan Baugh

Cover Artist: Josh Howard

Release Date: March 2009

Review by: Stephanie Shamblin Gray for Comic

Our thoughts: Good news for fans of Wulf and Batsy; you'll be thrilled to know that there is a new issue and it's awesome! Issue #4 is Part 2 of the "Bizarre Experiments" storyline. Batsy is still inside Professor Von Zag-Zog's mansion looking for answers regarding the Professor's experiments on human corpses and Blonda Speckles, the reporter, is looking for a date.

For those of you who are new to W&B, Batsy is a vampire and Wulf is, well, a werewolf. Ok, no real surprises there, but what is surprising about W&B is how much fun the story is. The story is always on the side of Wulf and Batsy, even when they are eating people.

And not in a sappy "woe-is-monster" sort of way; here, the monster perspective is simply the most rational and clear. The illustration is in black-and-white and has a lighter, more animated style that works perfectly with the stories.

In this issue, you'll get an eyeful of both the fiery Batsy as she taps her inner Bela Legosi and poor Blonda who is clearly doomed from the start. By the end of the issue, Batsy finds the answers she was looking for and the Professor finds a use for the shallow Blonda.

What is so endearing about this issue and the series as a whole is that it is clear that Baugh is having a good time with these characters and the reader can't help but do the same. While you're reading, don't forget to shop the ads. You never know what you'll find for sale from Captain Bloodclot!

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