Nice Review of Wulf and Batsy Volume 2 on

Looking for an awesome story with incredible artwork to chill you in the remainder of this Helter Swelter? Then I definitely have a title for you to get your bony fingers on.

This comic is definitely one of my personal favorites, and should be checked out by a more ravenous set of fans who love the feel of a classic horror story. Wulf and Batsy Volume 2:Lustmord Nightmares is a trade paperback collecting the series which is written and drawn by the highly underrated,Bryan Baugh. The story follows cute vampire,Batsy and her ferocious shapeshifter,Wulf.In this story, the two ghouls take residence at an all-girl college where they attempt to pose as normal humans, and live peacefully among the female students, but the almamater is haunted by an ancient monster that preys upon the young students for food. This series is loaded with monsters, graphic violence, and cute girls in all forms of undress, Batsy’s pretty smokin’ too. Wulf and Batsy,the 2008 Rondo Hatton nominee for Best Horror Comic, is available now from CryptLogic.

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