Wulf and Batsy Volume 2 Reviewed by Decapitated Dan!

Issue: Wulf & Batsy Vol.2: Lustmord Nightmares

Writer / Creator / Artist: Bryan Baugh

Publisher: Crypt Logic Comics

Release Date: February 2010

Pages: 268

Price: $25.00

“The second Wulf and Batsy trade paperback features a brand new, never before published, epic-length story called Lustmord Nightmares. In this story Wulf and Batsy take up residence at an all-girls’ college. Here they attempt to hide their monstrous natures, pose as normal human beings, and live peacefully among the attractive female students and awkward, creepy teachers. But soon they learn that this school is haunted by an ancient monster that preys upon the young students for food! Chaos ensues when Wulf and Batsy forge new friendships at the school and ultimately cross paths with the rival monster. This second book in the Wulf and Batsy series is loaded with monsters, graphic violence, and cute girls in various states of undress…and mortal terror. Not for the squeamish and not for the kiddies, either. Also includes extras: full-page character illustrations, Captain Bloodclot Ads, and a Supplemental section of notes, sketches, and text explaining how this new story was conceived and developed. 268 pages. Recommended for mature readers 18 and up.“

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5

I will just start out plain and simple, Bryan Baugh is easily on my top 5 favorite artists list. Oh wait, did I say that in the review of Vol. 1? You bet I did. Baugh’s style brings so much life and excitement to the story, that I wonder if done in more detail or with a realistic style, if it wouldn’t work here. So why only a 4.5 on this one? Well in some panels the characters are further away, they come off as flat. However it takes nothing away from the whole body of work. The big seller in this one to me was not Wulf, I know shocking right? Instead this master of horror presented us with The Crogg! I won’t ruin everything for those of you who are lucky enough to read this, but the overall look of this beast is nothing short of gore-geous. Overall an amazing looking book.

Story: 5.0 out of 5

If all we do is talk about the main story here your going to get more than your money’s worth. But when we add in all of the supplemental material and extras that Bryan goes into detail on, you get a steal for the price. Focusing on the main story though this is nothing sort of the first volume, and surpasses it. While in Vol. 1 we were introduced to the characters and, more or less what they are doing to survive, in Vol. 2 we really start to dive into the way they think and feel. Sure the main overtone is not hidden in any way, but now the smaller details are touched on. This is where the supplemental section comes in. I love how everything is so perfectly broken down. The New Age Vampire vs. the Old School, the reasoning behind the little gems that are hidden. Bryan does not leave any stone unturned - that and I think he is not wanting to do another interview with yours truly. LOL. To sum up the writing, you get the same fun feel of Vol. 1 and then more depth and detail - and out comes Vol. 2.

Dying Breath: 5.0 out of 5

Well, well, well… it appears someone has finally cracked the perfect score on my scale. Lustmord Nightmares is nothing short of the perfect collection that should be on your shelf by now. The characters gain a lot more depth, the story is solid, and the highlight reel for me will just go on and on forever. The big 5.0 score clincher here was the extra material. Your not handed a script or just some character designs. You get a complete walk through from the beginning to the end of the story. It covers why certain paths were taken, where ideas came from, and can take you just as long to read as the rest of the book. This is an absolute steal at $25 and for those of you who stick with the main publishers in your diamond catalogs, save the money and buy something that is done for the love on the genre. This is an essential read on my list, because this is horror done right. Oh and did I mention that if you don’t the Crogg will come get you!

If you would like to know more about Wulf & Batsy Vol.2 or to purchase a copy please go to http://www.cryptlogic.net

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