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Written by: Ghastly McNasty

I recently came across Wulf and Batsy while researching awesome horror comic artists. Needless to say Bryan Baugh, creator of this delightful little comic series, is a black belt in drawing kick-ass comics. As the title suggests Wulf and Batsy follows the story of a werewolf and a vampiress as they travel across the land looking for a place to call home. The title sums of the essence of the comic as well. Clearly we can tell what the comic is about from the title and the same sort of easy going approach can be found within the simple storylines and sterotypical characters. The author does not make any demands of his readers. There’s no deep emotional undertones about teen angst or soap box moralizing. Instead it’s just a fun filled romp filled with excessive violence and gore that’s a feast for the eyes rather than the brain.

The author himself describes it as,

“…the comic book equivalent of a trashy, low budget, exploitation horror movie with cheesy special effects.”

Baugh’s style is influenced by old school E.C. horror comics and kids cartoon. The artwork is a rich deep blacks and whites while the style successfully juggles both cute and gruesome images. The lovely Batsy oozes feminine sex appeal while Wulf looks terrifyingly ferocious as he goes about ripping off faces in his aggresive tank like role. The man really can draw, just check out some of the illustrations on his his own website www.cryptlogic.net

Wulf & Batsy’s first story ‘We Have No Home’ is a fantastic introduction to their world. Upon oustaying their welcome at a backwards superstitious village the twosome have to fight off pitch fork wielding locals. We see both the strengths and weaknesses of the title characters and gain a little understanding about their relationship together. The second story ‘Bizarre Experiments’ ramps up the campness as the duo do battle with an evil professor straight from classic horror territory.

This comic series first began back in 2008 with the most recent issue released 2010. Mr Baugh has gone on to work on top horror comics such as Hack/Slash and spends his days working on the Hasbro animated TV series of Transformers: Prime. Will Batsy & Wulf ever make a comeback…only the author knows.

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